Best of 2015.

Every year I try and post a “Best Of” the year. It’s a good exercise, looking through all your work for the previous year and can only help you going forward. When I started, I would get them done in late december or early January. The last few years… it’s been more like the middle of the next year. 2015’s list is no exception! I started with a big list of photos I liked, then narrowed it down to a smaller list of photos. Maybe next year these won’t show up until 2018. Here are my final picks for 2015, in no particular order:


Future Islands @ FI1000
Sam Herring of Future Islands

Government Issue @ the Ottobar
John Stabb of Government Issue

Pig Destroyer @ AU 2015-04-25
Pig Destroyer fan

Baltimore March 5-01-2015
Baltimore March 5-01-2015
Freddie Gray marches

BROS Sixpack 2015

Exodus @ Housecore 2015
Exodus fans

Ryan Harvey & Son of Nun - Firebrand Records
Ryan Harvey & Son of Nun

Dan Deacon @ FI1000
Dan Deacon

Pins - Unfest 4

Tame Impala @ Echostage
Tame Impala

Dope Body @ The Compound
Dope Body

Monarch Novelties, DC.
Monarch Novelties, DC

Pharmakon @ Metro Gallery

Marilyn Manson @ Fillmore Silver Spring
Marilyn Manson

Best Photos of 2014.

As per the tradition, here are my personal favorite photos from 2014, posted in no particular order. I even managed to get them up in January this time! Prints of many of these are available here, contact me if there’s one you would like that is absent.


Infest @ A389 Bash X 2014
INFEST @ A389 Bash X / Soundstage

Pentagram @ Soundstage
Pentagram @ Soundstage

Downtown Boys @ UNFest 3.
Downtown Boys @ U+NFest 3 / Ottobar

FKA Twigs @ 9:30 Club
FKA Twigs @ 9:30 Club

Gwar @ Soundstage
Gwar crowd @ Soundstage

Putrisect @ Metro Gallery
Putrisect @ Metro Gallery

Arcade Fire @ Verizon Center
The Arcade Fire @ Verizon Center

Club Mnemonic
The Soft Pink Truth @ Club Mnenomic / Paradox

Haim @ 9:30 Club
Haim crowd @ 9:30 Club

Kevin Gates @ Fillmore
Kevin Gates @ the Fillmore

Future Islands @ Floristree
Future Islands @ Floristree

Chain and the Gang @ Comet Ping-Pong (record release)
Chain & the Gang @ Comet Ping Pong

Big Mouth @ Gold Bar
Big Mouth @ Gold Bar

Betty Who @ Rock & Roll Hotel, DC
Betty Who @ Rock N Roll Hotel

Baltimore Rock Opera Society - Concertus Maximus
BROS Concertus Maximus

Post Pink @ UNFest 3.
Post Pink @ U+NFeast 3 / under a bridge



Chase Lisbon.
Chase Lisbon.

Satan's Satyrs
Satan’s Satyrs.

Old Lines.
Old Lines & friends.

John Waters @ Md Film Fest 2014
John Waters.


Soft Pink Truth/Drew Daniel for CP BoB
Drew Daniel/Soft Pink Truth.

Last Gold Bar Show
Last Gold Bar show.

North Dakota, Winter 2012
North Dakota.

@ Tom Malenski benefit
Ottobar Staff, Tom Malenski memorial.

Best of… 2013?!?

So, I have been doing yearly “best of” round-ups of my work since 2007. Right around now is when I start to think about what to put in the running for the year… the only problem is, I never posted one for 2013. So, here goes, in no particular order: my very late list of best photos of 2013.


Goblin @ Housecore Horror
A band I waited a lifetime, almost, to be able to see.

Future Islands @ Hopscotch 2013
Future Islands
A band on the cusp, playing their hometown. Well-deserved success stories like theirs are part of what makes this job fun.

Municipal Waste @ GwarBQ 2013
GwarBQ pit

High Zero Experimental Dance Night
High Zero
Only was able to make it to one night of High Zero this year but it always provides something exciting.

The Gories @ Unfest 2
The Gories

Robin Thicke @ Virgin Free Fest 2013
Robin Thicke
Thicke pretty much was peaking at this festival, but it was fun to be there for it.

the Breeders @ Hopscotch 2013
Kim Deal/the Breeders
Just love how much fun she’s having. As I recall, this was days/weeks after she bid goodbye to the Pixies. She seems plenty happy.

Cannibus Corpse  @ GwarBQ 2013
Canibus Corpse

Chvrches @ Virgin Free Fest 2013
Had never heard of this band before this, but I love quiet moments at huge concerts.

Old Lines @ Black Cat
Old Lines.
I love the guy on the left.

Down @ Housecore Horror
Phil Anselmo
He made fun of me from stage during this set.


The Evens.
The Evens
This was an amazing shoot. They were really easy and fun to work with.

Dana rooftop pool, Austin 2013

Call Girl of Cthulhu
Call Girl of Cthulhu
Got to shoot a lot of stills and behind the scenes for this film, as well as the DVD cover. Really fun experience.

Luray Caverns 2013
Luray Caverns

Maryland Film Fest 2013
Maryland Film Fest Hotel Party
This was, I think, taken in Bobcat Goldthwait’s hotel room but the memory is hazy.

Bronycon Baltimore 2013
Bronycon I
The Brony thing has gotten a little weird since this first con but I found them to be refreshing an earnest when I spent the weekend hanging out with them.

Ryan Schapell

Glitter Thighs @ Tiki Barge
Glitter Thighs


Ottobar Haunted House
Ottobar Haunted House

Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2013
Blue Man
I’d heard about this guy for years. A retired Baltimore City civil servant who dedicated his retirement years to getting completely tattooed.

For the truly curious, here is the pool of photos I picked from.

My Top 15 Concert Photos of 2011.

In the grand tradition I’ve been following for the last few years (see 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007), every year I try and make a photo set of my favorite shots from the year. It’s a good exercise, I recommend it for all creative types, it lets you see how your work changes and grows over time.

This year, I am doing it a little differently… I am breaking it up into this post, which is my Top 15 Concert Photos of 2011, and another post of my Top 12 Photos (non-concert) of 2011 (check back tomorrow for that one). Cheating, maybe, but shooting more non-concert stuff is a goal of mine, so I decided to break them up. I’m also going to try and write a little about each… so here goes!
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(personal) Best of 2010

Every year I like to pick (with a little help from friends and readers) my best photos of the year. I’m posting it a little late this year, but it’s a fun tradition and a good exercise, looking through a whole year’s worth of output. I recommend it to any creative/craft type person. It’s also a good excuse to present my newly launched photoshelter page, where you can buy prints of mine (this set is the top gallery/slideshow there).

So, that out of the way, on with the post!

Lemz, promo photo

janelle monae @ 930 club.
Janelle Monae, 9:30 Club

Fucked Up @ RNR Hotel.
Fucked Up, RNR Hotel

DJ/Rupture @ big ears
DJ/Rupture, Big Ears Festival

North Dakota 2010
Near Croakeye, North Dakota

billy idol @ HFStival 2010
Billy Idol, HFStival

Joanna Newsom @ big ears
Joanna Newsom, Big Ears Festival

lords of acid @ bourbon st.
Lords of Acid, Bourbon Street

Andrew WK @ big ears
Andrew WK, Big Ears Festival

Usher @ OMG Tour.
Usher, Verizon Center

dope body @ whartscape 2010.
Dope Body, Whartscape

arab on radar @ whartscape 2010.
Arab On Radar, Whartscape

the Spark @ CCAS
The Spark, CCAS

Paramore @ Merriweather
Paramore, Merriweather Post Pavilion

Bmore Original crew.
Bmore Original Crew, promo photo

Deep Sugar.
Dancer, Deep Sugar

double dagger @ whartscape 2010.
Double Dagger, Whartscape

car fire in mt vernon.
Burning Car, Mount Vernon

Kerry King of Slayer.
Slayer, First Mariner Arena

lake isobelle, co.
Lake Isobel, Colorado

benny stixx.
Benny Stixx, promo shot

view the whole set on flickr.

as i mentioned above, you can buy prints of all of these at my new photoshelter site.

if you are really curious, here are all the photos i considered for inclusion here.

also, here are my best of lists from:

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personal best: 2008 in review.

Following in the footsteps of last years “Personal Best Photos of 2007“, I have compiled a list of the favorite photos I took this year. Click the link below to see what I came up with, and if you are really bored you can click here to see all the ones that were in the running. Feel free to pick your faves in the comments, and especially feel free to link to your own best of 2008 posts!

Okay click here to see the list:

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