Personal Best Photos of 2012 – Editorial & Portraits

As is the tradition, here are my self-selected best photos of 2012. These are non-live music: Editorial, Portraits, Food, News… the live music shots will follow tomorrow, hopefully. If you wanna see previous years, click here.

MICA Milquetoast Experimental Fashion Show 2012

MICA Milquetoast Experimental Fashion Show – a really fun experience every year, a very creative fashion show by outgoing MICA grads. This year was the best one yet.

Baltimore Trayvon Martin rally.

A group of protesters at the Trayvon Martin rally at Baltimore City Hall.

Pig Destroyer.

Promotional and album photo for grindcore band Pig Destroyer & Relapse Records.

Billy Bloodshot.

Baltimore rapper Billy Bloodshot, for the City Paper.

Chadd & Tori's Wedding.

Photo of my friend Tori from her wedding.


Rooftop promo photo of Baltimore’s Arboretum for Thrill Jockey.

Lester Spence @ Schools Not Jails protest

Lester Spence, speaking at the Schools Not Jails protest in Baltimore.


Dana Murphy of Unregistered Nurse Booking, for the Urbanite.

Ponys at the arabber stables.

Riding ponies at the Arabber stables.

Hunx & friend.

Hunx (of Hunx & His Punx fame) and a friend.

H.R. (of the Bad Brains)

Spent most of a day with H.R., of the Bad Brains and Human Rights Band, for the cover of the City Paper.

Anvil @ MDF 2012

Lips from Canadian metal band Anvil, at Maryland Death Fest.

Winter Warmers

Winter drink the Golden Girl at Hamilton restaraunt Clementine, shot for a Baltimore Sun feature on Winter drinks.

Hopscotch 2012

Street Portrait, Raleigh, NC.

Thanks for reading this far, check back tomorrow for the live music best of. You can also view these on flickr here.

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