Best of 2015.

Every year I try and post a “Best Of” the year. It’s a good exercise, looking through all your work for the previous year and can only help you going forward. When I started, I would get them done in late december or early January. The last few years… it’s been more like the middle of the next year. 2015’s list is no exception! I started with a big list of photos I liked, then narrowed it down to a smaller list of photos. Maybe next year these won’t show up until 2018. Here are my final picks for 2015, in no particular order:


Future Islands @ FI1000
Sam Herring of Future Islands

Government Issue @ the Ottobar
John Stabb of Government Issue

Pig Destroyer @ AU 2015-04-25
Pig Destroyer fan

Baltimore March 5-01-2015
Baltimore March 5-01-2015
Freddie Gray marches

BROS Sixpack 2015

Exodus @ Housecore 2015
Exodus fans

Ryan Harvey & Son of Nun - Firebrand Records
Ryan Harvey & Son of Nun

Dan Deacon @ FI1000
Dan Deacon

Pins - Unfest 4

Tame Impala @ Echostage
Tame Impala

Dope Body @ The Compound
Dope Body

Monarch Novelties, DC.
Monarch Novelties, DC

Pharmakon @ Metro Gallery

Marilyn Manson @ Fillmore Silver Spring
Marilyn Manson