(personal) Best of 2010

Every year I like to pick (with a little help from friends and readers) my best photos of the year. I’m posting it a little late this year, but it’s a fun tradition and a good exercise, looking through a whole year’s worth of output. I recommend it to any creative/craft type person. It’s also a good excuse to present my newly launched photoshelter page, where you can buy prints of mine (this set is the top gallery/slideshow there).

So, that out of the way, on with the post!

Lemz, promo photo

janelle monae @ 930 club.
Janelle Monae, 9:30 Club

Fucked Up @ RNR Hotel.
Fucked Up, RNR Hotel

DJ/Rupture @ big ears
DJ/Rupture, Big Ears Festival

North Dakota 2010
Near Croakeye, North Dakota

billy idol @ HFStival 2010
Billy Idol, HFStival

Joanna Newsom @ big ears
Joanna Newsom, Big Ears Festival

lords of acid @ bourbon st.
Lords of Acid, Bourbon Street

Andrew WK @ big ears
Andrew WK, Big Ears Festival

Usher @ OMG Tour.
Usher, Verizon Center

dope body @ whartscape 2010.
Dope Body, Whartscape

arab on radar @ whartscape 2010.
Arab On Radar, Whartscape

the Spark @ CCAS
The Spark, CCAS

Paramore @ Merriweather
Paramore, Merriweather Post Pavilion

Bmore Original crew.
Bmore Original Crew, promo photo

Deep Sugar.
Dancer, Deep Sugar

double dagger @ whartscape 2010.
Double Dagger, Whartscape

car fire in mt vernon.
Burning Car, Mount Vernon

Kerry King of Slayer.
Slayer, First Mariner Arena

lake isobelle, co.
Lake Isobel, Colorado

benny stixx.
Benny Stixx, promo shot

view the whole set on flickr.

as i mentioned above, you can buy prints of all of these at my new photoshelter site.

if you are really curious, here are all the photos i considered for inclusion here.

also, here are my best of lists from:

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