(personal) best of 2009

I have made it a bit of a habit to post a “best of” my photos each year. These types of things generally happen in late December or early January but… This year I have been a bit too busy. All this snow has created a little respite though, so I have managed to wade through and pick my favorites.

mos def.
mos def, sonar

pig destroyer @ talking head.
pig destroyer, the talking head

matt & kim. @ sonar
matt & kim, sonar

gwar @ sonar
gwar pit, sonar

future islands @ taxlo.
future islands, the talking head

national arboreteum.
national arboreteum

voivod : hellfest 2009
voivod, hellfest france

bird in flight, chincoteague

angie.   sarah.
angie / sarah

jesus lizard crowd.
front row

Pentagram @ Sonar 2009
pentagram, sonar

catacombs of paris.
skulls, paris catacombs

gwar @ sonar

frodus @ talking head.
frodus, the talking head

tittsworth @ taxlo.
tittsworth, taxlo

deep sugar @ paradox.
dancer, deep sugar

jesus lizard.
the jesus lizard, sonar

dying fetus.   Jimmy Joe Roche.
dying fetus / jimmy joe roche

agoraphobic nosebleed.
agoraphobic nosebleed

double dagger @ whartscape 2009.
double dagger, whartscape


dan deacon.   hellfest 2009
dan deacon / breadfan, hellfest paris



the death set @ ottobar.
the death set, ottobar

dave nada @ sonar
dave nada, taxlo

my crew be unruly
my crew be unruly

Jimmy Joe Roche.
jimmy joe roche, zodiac

Click here to check out 2008 and also 2007’s versions.

(Thanks to Ben, Brad, Michael, Yvonne, & Zack for their feedback on this set)

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