Dan Deacon portraits for XLR8R Magazine.

Dan Deacon.   Dan Deacon.   Dan Deacon.

I shot these with Dan in his house in… 2009? Wow. Don’t know why I never posted these. These were for XLR8R Magazine, which no longer exists in printed form (RIP). The fabric in the background is the fabric that was used (he had it hand-made) for the tent that is on the cover of Bromst (which was photographed by the lovely & talented Baltimore photographer Frank Hamilton).

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Maryland Death Fest – a photo retrospective.

EYEHATEGOD crowd @ MDF2010

For the last near-decade, Maryland Death Fest has been a Baltimore Institution, bringing the best current and historic extreme metal bands to Sonar in Baltimore to play for thousands of fans. It’s literally the best and most interesting metal related event in the US. Spanning over several days (4 this year), dozens of bands play to a crowd of thousands, who travel from all over the world to be there. Because of it’s prominence, many bands choose to reunite to play it, or have their last show there, or play for the first/last/only time in the US there. Basically, it’s an amazing event. And this year’s, the Ninth Annual, starts today and last til sunday. For a list of bands and set times, click here. Chris from DC HeavyMetal posted a great Death Fest Survival Guide here.

Below are some of the favorite photos I have taken at previous Death Fests:

Pentagram @ MDF2010
Bobby Liebling of a reunited Pentagram.

bolt thrower @ maryland death fest 2009
Bolt Thrower, who played two sets in 2009, one a surprise.

maryland death fest 2009

pig destroyer @ maryland death fest 2009
Pig Destroyer.

maryland death fest 2009

Autopsy @ MDF2010
Dan Lillker playing with Autopsy.

wolves in the throne room @ maryland death fest 2009
Wolves In The Throne Room.

Entombed @ MDF2010

maryland death fest 2009

Converge @ MDF2010

napalm death @ maryland death fest 2009
Napalm Death.

Deceased @ MDF2010

Jimmy Bowers of EYEHATEGOD.

maryland death fest 2009

MARYLAND DEATH FEST 2010 roof view

Paris Catacombs.

catacombs of paris.
catacombs of paris.   catacombs of paris.   catacombs of paris.
Last month, I was in Paris for a shoot and I managed to go to the Catacombs and take a few pictures. It was a pretty difficult shooting situation, they don’t allow flash OR tripods, so it was all handheld, high ISO stuff. I had a great time, though, and recommend that anyone visiting Paris should go. Also, I have heard there are parts of the Catacombs that aren’t officially open to the public, but are accessible… if anyone knows how to get into them, let me know!

The entire Catacombs of Paris set.

Maryland Death Fest 2009

maryland death fest 2009
bolt thrower @ maryland death fest 2009   bolt thrower @ maryland death fest 2009
maryland death fest 2009   maryland death fest 2009
pig destroyer @ maryland death fest 2009
bolt thrower @ maryland death fest 2009   bolt thrower @ maryland death fest 2009
wolves in the throne room @ maryland death fest 2009   pig destroyer @ maryland death fest 2009
maryland death fest 2009

Maryland Death Fest 2009 was amazing. I only was there for one day, but it was incredible! So many bands… I never expected to see Bolt Thrower, ever! Much less with Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death and Wolves In The Throne Room! Not to mention Misery Index, Birdflesh… too many bands to name, really. Also the festival was very well run, which was impressive for just how big the scope of it all was. So many metalheads in one place and there were not really any major problems, at least not that I heard about… congratulations to everyone involved at MDF and Sonar!

Click here to see the rest of my Maryland Death Fest 2009 photos. Or, click here to to see a Slideshow from Maryland Death Fest 2009.

lady sovereign, hollywood holt, chester french @ sonar.

lady sovereign @ sonar.
lady sovereign @ sonar.   hollywood holt @ sonar.
chester french @ sonar.   hollywood holt @ sonar.

The other day, I checked out Lady Sovereign’s show at Sonar with Hollywood Holt and Chester French. It was pretty fun, I actually though the standout of the night was actually Hollywood Holt… that dude seems like he is gonna break soon, at least judging by his stage persona.

Check out the full set here!

May Catch Up Post Part One.

I have been shooting SO MUCH. Not enough time to even look at all the photos, much less post them, I apologize. This is the first of a few “catch up posts” I will be posting, just tryin’ to throw up a small segment of what I have been working on… Click on them for larger versions, and also if you want to see more from the same sets…

Sean & Chris, Fan Death Records   jay rags @ eden lounge
Fan Death Records founders, Baltimore promoter & DJ Jay Rags

Scary River.   johnny siera @ served
Scary River promo shots, DJ Death Set (Johnny Siera) @ Sorted!

the mishaps @ talking head   the gunslingers @ talking head
the Mishaps, the Gunslingers (both at the Talking Head)

hollywood on halloween @ the head   Rod Azlan & Rusko @ hour haus
Hollywood @ the Talking Head, Rusko w/ Rod Azlan @ Hour Haus

michael.   lucinne.
Michael, the Beach.