May Catch Up Post Part One.

I have been shooting SO MUCH. Not enough time to even look at all the photos, much less post them, I apologize. This is the first of a few “catch up posts” I will be posting, just tryin’ to throw up a small segment of what I have been working on… Click on them for larger versions, and also if you want to see more from the same sets…

Sean & Chris, Fan Death Records   jay rags @ eden lounge
Fan Death Records founders, Baltimore promoter & DJ Jay Rags

Scary River.   johnny siera @ served
Scary River promo shots, DJ Death Set (Johnny Siera) @ Sorted!

the mishaps @ talking head   the gunslingers @ talking head
the Mishaps, the Gunslingers (both at the Talking Head)

hollywood on halloween @ the head   Rod Azlan & Rusko @ hour haus
Hollywood @ the Talking Head, Rusko w/ Rod Azlan @ Hour Haus

michael.   lucinne.
Michael, the Beach.