Cheap Time & Murder @ Golden West

MURDER @ golden west
MURDER @ golden west   MURDER @ golden west
Cheap Time @ Golden West

Last week, Cheap Time played at the Golden West along with new Baltimore band MURDER (members of Vincent Black Shadow, Triac, Fishnet Stalkers)… it was pretty awesome (as is the norm for Unregistered Nurse shows), though I was dead on my feet from a busy week, I still had a good time. Cheap Time is on tour, check em out. Also, I took some promo photos of MURDER, they will be up in a day or two…

New School of Rock Feature, Baltimore Citypaper

vincent black shadow citypaper cover shot   vincent black shadow photo, citypaper
sick weapons photo, citypaper   vincent black shadow photo, citypaper

I provided the cover, splash page, and an additional photo for today’s Baltimore Citypaper feature story on the new crop of rock bands making waves here in town. You can read the story here. Vincent Black Shadow and Sick Weapons are featured above. Double Dagger, Dope Body, the Art Department, and bunch of other good bands are featured as well.

Also shown is another photo of VBS from a story earlier in the year that I never posted, also from Citypaper.