Dave Tedder Has A Posse.

I was asked to write some words in memory of notable Baltimore metal and punk figure Dave Tedder for the City Paper’s annual “People Who Died” issue. I chose the title “Dave Tedder Has A Posse”, which is both a reference to the stickers around town with his face on them (themselves a reference to the famous Andre the Giant stickers) as well as to the fact that Tedder left behind an incalculable number of friends whose life he affected. They chose “The Scene Maker”, which is true as well.

You can read the piece here.

Thaddeus Logan, author of Hey Cabbie!

Thaddeus Logan

The other week I spent an afternoon with Thaddeus Logan, author of the book Hey Cabbie! and it’s upcoming sequel. A cabbie in Baltimore City for more than 30 years, his books tell stories about the city, his experiences, and some of the more notable experiences he’s had behind the wheel – some sad, some exciting, some scary.

Thaddeus and I drove around to locations he talks about in the book, taking his photo for a City Paper article about him and his books. The image above is what ran, but click here to see other photos from our shoot.

New School of Rock Feature, Baltimore Citypaper

vincent black shadow citypaper cover shot   vincent black shadow photo, citypaper
sick weapons photo, citypaper   vincent black shadow photo, citypaper

I provided the cover, splash page, and an additional photo for today’s Baltimore Citypaper feature story on the new crop of rock bands making waves here in town. You can read the story here. Vincent Black Shadow and Sick Weapons are featured above. Double Dagger, Dope Body, the Art Department, and bunch of other good bands are featured as well.

Also shown is another photo of VBS from a story earlier in the year that I never posted, also from Citypaper.