‘Street Soldier’ City Paper cover story.

City Paper Cover "Street Soldier" feature story

This was a challenging assignment, as we didn’t have access to the subject and instead had to take a last minute photo illustration approach. I think it came out pretty well, all things considered. Read the story here, or read on for outtakes from the session that didn’t make it to the paper… Continue reading

Tittworth Promo Shoot/Organ Harvesting.

Tittsworth Press Photo

This one was a fun one, and a long time coming. We dumped Jesse into a tub full of ice and played around with the props… that expression, I am pretty sure, was real. Probably after I asked him to keep his balls on ice for just a few more minutes.

Thanks to Evan Tanner for the location! That location usage eventually led to these photos. Graphic design on this by Raymond Klecker.

War On Women – in the studio.

War On Women.
War On Women.   War On Women.   War On Women.
War On Women.

Baltimore band War On Women stopped into my studio the other day… we didn’t have much time but we had a fun shoot, I think some of these may end up on their new record, but I am not 100% sure. Get in touch if your band needs promo photos or the like.

Volta Bureau portraits.

Volta Bureau
Volta Bureau

A few weeks back, I shot some portraits/promo shots for my friends, DC-based group Volta Bureau (featuring Will Eastman, OutputMessage, and Micah Vellian), to help promote their first release, Hope. Did you know they are named after a historical place in DC?

You can see more of my photos of Volta Bureau (and many others) in my Portraits & Promo Shots gallery.