Tittworth Promo Shoot/Organ Harvesting.

Tittsworth Press Photo

This one was a fun one, and a long time coming. We dumped Jesse into a tub full of ice and played around with the props… that expression, I am pretty sure, was real. Probably after I asked him to keep his balls on ice for just a few more minutes.

Thanks to Evan Tanner for the location! That location usage eventually led to these photos. Graphic design on this by Raymond Klecker.

In the Studio : James Nasty, Mickey Fortune.

James Nasty
Mickey Fortune / Oh Snap!   James Nasty   Mickey Fortune / Oh Snap!
Mickey Fortune / Oh Snap!

I’ve done a few promo shoots in my studio lately for some Baltimore electronic music producers. Check out my Portraits & Promo Shots set on Flickr for more shots of them, and others. And contact me if you are interested in getting some portraits, head shots, or promo shots done!