Roomrunner band photos, 2014 edition.


I’ve known the Roomrunner fellows since they became a band and I’ve known Denny Bowen since he was in high school, back when his early bands Yukon and Economist used to play shows in my basement, usually at the request of Sean Gray, another old friend who runs Accidental Guest, the label that is putting out the new Roomrunner record. I think I have taken almost all of their promo photos, but this was the first time we did it not after a show and a lot of beers. It was still fun. Great fun, actually- rambling around the Copycat building, petting Dan’s cute cat, climbing up on the roof and dodging weird moss and horsecrab corpses (no joke).

Tittworth Promo Shoot/Organ Harvesting.

Tittsworth Press Photo

This one was a fun one, and a long time coming. We dumped Jesse into a tub full of ice and played around with the props… that expression, I am pretty sure, was real. Probably after I asked him to keep his balls on ice for just a few more minutes.

Thanks to Evan Tanner for the location! That location usage eventually led to these photos. Graphic design on this by Raymond Klecker.