Sweetlife Fest @ MPP w/ Kid Cudi, Zola Jesus, the Shins, more…

Kid Cudi @ Sweetlife Fest
Zola Jesus @ Sweetlife Fest
The Shins @ Sweetlife Fest
Kid Cudi @ Sweetlife Fest   @ Sweet Life Fest

Last weekend, checked out the Sweetlife Fest at Merriweather Post Pavilion for the Baltimore Sun… a rainy, dreary day but the kids in attendance could not be deterred… lots of smiling youths who were partying HARD. Also, some pretty great food courtesy of local vendors (I had a Toki Underground pho dog, myself… yum!) Weird to see Kid Cudi rocking a huge stage at an arena, last time I saw him was a little more intimate

Check all my photos from Sweetlife! (there are alot more than above, including other bands like Delta Spirit & Explosions In The Sky).

Paramore & Tegan and Sara @ Merriweather.

Paramore @ Merriweather
Paramore @ Merriweather   Paramore @ Merriweather
Tegan & Sara @ Merriweather
Tegan & Sara @ Merriweather   Tegan & Sara @ Merriweather

A couple of weeks ago, I shot Paramore & Tegan and Sara for the Baltimore Sun. You can see the gallery here on the Sun site.

I am not a huge Paramore fan, but man… they were totally in control of their crowd. Especially Hayley Williams, the lead singer – she had the whole arena in the palm of her hand. As big as Paramore are now, I would be really suprised if she/they wasn’t a much bigger star in a few years…

Tegan and Sara are a band I used to like a bit, but hadn’t listen to them in a few years… they had a much calmer, but also more friendly and affable relationship with the crowd, and their set was way more pro/rock and less indie/intimate than I would have expected. Good set though.

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Rock the Bells 2008 @ Merriweather Post

Mos Def

Nas    Redman

Emily Sonik    Ghostface Killah

Rock the Bells    Dead Prez

Method Man

Mos Def

This sunday I went to Rock the Bells, a big travelling hip-hop festival. It was awesome… I got to see so many of my favorite artists… Nas, Ghostface, Raekwon, A Tribe Called Quest, as well as check out some artists from the old school I had never gotten to see like Mos Def, Dead Prez and Tha Pharcyde. I would say that Nas was the highlight of the night for me… that and seeing my friend Blaqstarr come out on stage during Mos Def’s set! That was amazing.

Check the set out here.