B Weekly “Open Houses” Feature.

b Weekly "Open Houses" cover.

The photo at the top, of Matt (from Arboretum & Big In Japan) & his partner Lane in their home is from “Open Houses”, a feature I worked on for B Weekly (along with other photographers). The concept was to go into the home of a local musician/artist/creative and make a portrait of them in their home environment, as well as capture some details. Fun little assignment. I suggested Matt & Lane’s place because I’ve always admired how well-decorated it is.

See the rest of the photos I took here, and see the whole feature here.

Animal Collective @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

Animal Collective @ MPP
Animal Collective @ MPP   Animal Collective @ MPP
Animal Collective @ MPP   Animal Collective @ MPP
Animal Collective @ MPP

Way late on posting these pictures! In July, Animal Collective finally played Merriweather Post Pavilion, the venue for which they named their breakthrough album. I covered it for the Baltimore Sun and SPIN. It was a great show, with some amazing stage decoration and lighting. They played mostly new material, but the crowd seemed mostly into it.

Paramore & Tegan and Sara @ Merriweather.

Paramore @ Merriweather
Paramore @ Merriweather   Paramore @ Merriweather
Tegan & Sara @ Merriweather
Tegan & Sara @ Merriweather   Tegan & Sara @ Merriweather

A couple of weeks ago, I shot Paramore & Tegan and Sara for the Baltimore Sun. You can see the gallery here on the Sun site.

I am not a huge Paramore fan, but man… they were totally in control of their crowd. Especially Hayley Williams, the lead singer – she had the whole arena in the palm of her hand. As big as Paramore are now, I would be really suprised if she/they wasn’t a much bigger star in a few years…

Tegan and Sara are a band I used to like a bit, but hadn’t listen to them in a few years… they had a much calmer, but also more friendly and affable relationship with the crowd, and their set was way more pro/rock and less indie/intimate than I would have expected. Good set though.

Check out all my Paramore & Tegan and Sara photos on flickr here.