My Top 12 Photos of 2011 (non-concert).

In the grand tradition I’ve been following for the last few years (see 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007), every year I try and make a photo set of my favorite shots from the year. It’s a good exercise, I recommend it for all creative types, it lets you see how your work changes and grows over time.

This year, I am doing it a little differently… two posts. I posted my top concert posts yesterday, this is the Top Non-concert ones. Here we go!

In Chronological Order:


Rogue: This was shot in my studio. Fun lady, easy to work with. We went to a bunch of places to get shots, but this one stands out for me.


Be Eazy: Baltimore DJ and producer. Also in my studio. Something about this one…

North Dakota

Horses, North Dakota: Shot on my uncle’s property in North Dakota, these are my cousin’s horses. They were VERY concerned about what I was doing on THEIR land, they wouldn’t stop checking me out.

Hurricane Irene - Miller's Island, Baltimore, MD

Miller’s Island, Hurricane Irene: This was the wettest I have ever gotten for a photo. It was unbelievable out there. Tagged along with J.M. Giordano, who was working on a story about Miller’s Island and the hurricanes it has endured, and snagged this shot while he was interviewing someone. Really invigorating, but I took a long, hot shower as soon as I got back.

Officer Torbit Protest @ Baltimore Grand Prix

Officer Torbit protest: Citizens protesting the city and the BCPD’s handling of the Officer Torbit shooting. Torbit was shot by several other BCPD officers, who were cleared.

Mazda Sport winners @ Baltimore Grand Prix

Baltimore Grand Prix: Mazda Sport winners enjoying the traditional champagne “toast”.

Blood on the sidewalk. Baltimore.

Blood on the Sidewalk, Baltimore: I walked by just after the fight that caused this happened. Two guys arguing over something, one goes off in an ambulance. I like the hat and the cards on the ground, and the fact that if I had walked by five minutes before or after, I never would have seen anything – they washed the blood off about 2 minutes after I took this photo.

War On Women.

War On Women: Fun shoot, in my studio. I think this is going on their new album?

I Used To Be Darker film set

Director Matt Porterfield: Shot this for the Baltimore Sun, on the set of his movie I Used To Be Darker. Great experience, so many creative people and it’s always fun to watch Matt work.

Avey Tare @ U St Music Hall

Avey Tare: Shot this during a break in sound check at the U Hall in DC, for the post. Sometimes fast, off the cuff shots work out the best.

Schoonover Cemetary, North Dakota

Schoonover Cemetary, North Dakota: Shot this at the very last second before dusk, driving around backroads with my Dad. Every grave was 100+ years old. I love North Dakota.

designer Stevie Boi

Stevie Boi: For the City Paper. Stevie is someone I’ve known for a bit, a fashion designer who makes custom shades for artists such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, and so forth… but he lives (for now) in Baltimore! Great to get to profile him for the paper.

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