The Death Set, Eyeball Skeleton, Adventure @ Windup Space

The Death Set.
The Death Set.   The Death Set.

Continuing in the trend of photos that I haven’t posted for months, here are shots from the Death Set’s matinee show at the Windup Space a few months back, during Death Fest weekend. Always fun to see these boys. Also included are some shots of Eyeball Skeleton and Adventure (with Mark Brown). And the lovable Russ & Gonz from the Windup Space.

Parting Gifts & Hollywood.

Parting Gifts
Parting Gifts    Parting Gifts

Saturday night there was a great show at the Windup Space in Baltimore… Parting Gifts & Hollywood. Parting Gifts is the new band of Greg Cartwright aka Greg Oblivian (of the Oblivians, the Reigning Sound, etc) and they were great! The place was packed and the crowd seemed really appreciative, people kept yelling thanks for them playing in Baltimore. All in all, a good show… brought to you by the talented Unregistered Nurse productions company.

Click here to view the whole set, including photos of Hollywood!

the Oxes + Nerve City.

the oxes @ windup.
the oxes @ windup.    the oxes @ windup.

Last week I saw the Oxes play a reunion show at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore. It’s a cool spot that my friend Russell owns, it has a very different interior design than most bars/clubs, in that it is super clean and fairly well lit, but I like it. The Oxes were awesome… I never really saw them when they were a going concern, but I have seen them a few times at reunions over the years and they are always awesome.

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in other news…

nerve city @ golden west
Nerve City, at the Golden West. Shot this for Dana’s Unregistered Nurse Booking.