The Pogues / Titus Andronicus @ 9:30 Club

the Pogues @ 930
the Pogues @ 930   the Pogues @ 930
Titus Andronicus @ 930
Titus Andronicus @ 930   Titus Andronicus @ 930

Last week, I was able to go see The Pogues for the first time, along with New Jersey band Titus Andronicus. TA was pretty fun, a really lively, together band. I understand they are about to be big, or so several people are telling me, it’s well-deserved if so.

The Pogues… were good. I’m glad I saw them. But Shane Mcgowan was pretty hard to watch… he sort of shambled onto stage, clutched his mic stand for dear life and sort of mumbled his way through their set. The rest of the band was animated and put on a good show, and Shane did… okay. Just sad to see someone who was once so talented and full of life just sort of be an echo of their former self.