Hunx & His Punx & Natural Child @ the Wind Up Space.

Hunx & His Punx @ Windup
Natural Child @ Windup

I screwed up and forgot my camera battery (violated the “always take a picture before you leave the house” rule) and had to go home, thus missing Nobunny, who opened this show. Always check your gear before you leave the house! Even with that misstep, this was a fun show, with a great set by Natural Child (even with a few technical difficulties) and a crazy, chaotic set by Hunx & His Punx, with the kids in the crowd going crazy the whole time. Click here to see more photos from the show and the inevitable after party.

One night, two shows: Thou, Tremors 2, Natural Child.

Tremors 2 @ Golden West
Thou @ Talking Head
Natural Child @ Golden West   Natural Child @ Golden West

Caught one of my favorite metal bands, Thou, the other day at the Talking Head Club. They played later than I thought, but always great and they ended with a cover of Black Sabbath’s Sabotage Into The Void, which was really, really awesome. Great to see some old friends too.

I got out of there as fast as possible and made my way to the Unregistered Nurse show at the Golden West, just in time to catch the last couple of songs by new baltimore band Tremors 2. Amazingly bad/good/bad/unsure name, but they were really good and lively to watch. I managed to get a few snaps. Then Natural Child played, who are a slowed down southern garage/punk band who are really catchy and fun, most of their songs have more than a hint of humor about them and the dudes in the band are really chill as well. Go check them out, they seem to always be on tour.

Natural Child @ Ottobar.

Natural Child @ Ottobar

Natural Child are a pretty awesome band from Tennessee, I have seen them twice now (both times brought to Baltimore via Unregistered Nurse Booking), and both times they impressed me. Slowed down, very melodic garage-y punk rock, with funny lyrics and song concepts… good stuff. Check them out when they play your town.