Ok Go & Pamplamoose @ Kennedy Center.

Pomplamoose @ Kennedy Center
OK Go @ Kennedy Center

Two fun, light-hearted vaguely internet-oriented bands at the Kennedy Center to celebrate a decade of the Millenium Stage, which showcases free bands EVERY DAY, which is crazy when you think about it. Pamplamoose was full of fun stage banter, while Ok Go!’s show was lots of bombast, with a big video screen that didn’t quite work, 3D glasses, confetti cannons firing every few minutes… quite a spectacle!

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Sade & John Legend, A Night In Treme.

Sade @ Verizon Center
Sade @ Verizon Center   John Legend @ Verizon Center

Two shows I shot recently for the Washington Post. Sade was interesting… totally packed, yet very chill, a very grown-up crowd (obviously). Beautiful voice and very professional, yet you got the impression that she didn’t really like being on stage, which makes sense considering her famous reticence at being in the spotlight.

A Night In Treme, which closed out the DC Jazz Fest, on the other hand was an unabashed party. Total abandon and fun from all the musicians (and famous actors, and Louisiana Congressmen) on stage. They even did a second line, right through the crowd!

Wash Post Sade tearsheet
wash post treme c2 tear sheet crop

N’Dambi @ Black Cat, Jazz Christmas @ Kennedy Center

N'Dambi @ Black Cat
N'Dambi @ Black Cat   Kennedy Center Jazz Christmas   N'Dambi @ Black Cat

Two shows I shot on assignment. My first time at the Kennedy Center after almost ten years in the DC area… I felt under-dressed. The Kennedy Center show was my first time using my new 70-200 lens. Not the best shooting situation, I could have really used a 300mm… maybe next Christmas.

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