Massive: Moby, Skream & Benga, Tittsworth, Diplo & more.

Moby @ Fall Massive
crowd @ Fall Massive
Tittsworth @ Fall Massive   Moby's lightshow @ Fall Massive
dancer @ Fall Massive
Scott Henry @ Fall Massive   Moby @ Fall Massive
Skream & Benga @ Fall Massive
Armand Van Helden @ Fall Massive   Diplo @ Fall Massive
crowd @ Fall Massive

This was a lot of fun to shoot, 4 stages, 10,000 or so dance music fans, tons of lights and costumes and dancers and booze and everything else! In the full set, you will find photos of: Skream & Benga, Moby, Diplo, Tittsworth, Scott Henry, Armand Van Helden, Zedd, and lots and lots of fans.

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Deep Sugar f/ Little Louie Vega @ Paradox

little louie vega @ paradox
deep sugar @ paradox   little louie vega @ paradox   deep sugar @ paradox

I’ve started working with Ultra and Lisa, who have been throwing the Deep Sugar nights (and running the Deep Sugar record label) for years now. The first show I shot for them was Little Louie Vega @ Paradox… now, house music is not traditionally my thing but this party was really fun. Everyone there was having such a un-self-consciously good time, it would have been hard not to enjoy myself at this.

Check out the write-up (that I contributed photos for) at Then check out the full Deep Sugar set here.