Smashing Pumpkins, Kill Hannah, Bad City @ Rams Head

smashing pumpkins @ rams head.   smashing pumpkins crowd @ rams head.   smashing pumpkins @ rams head.

A few weeks ago, I covered Smashing Pumpkins for the Baltimore Sun. You can read the review here and also view all the photos here.

The photos of the Pumpkins aren’t that great because the band wanted everyone to shoot from VERY far back (which is not normal), so I had to do the best I could. Ah well. It was a weird show, basically half diehard Smashing Pumpkins fans who love even their recent material, and half people there for a nostalgia fix. The two sides didn’t mesh well and Corgan seemed annoyed by requests to play hits that were 17 years old. Ah well. The new stuff, for the record, still sounds pretty good even though I don’t know the songs.

Kill Hannah and Bad City opened:

kill hannah @ rams head.   bad city @ rams head.

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