balmer odds & ends.

been shooting a lot lately… here are a few shots i like:

murder city devils @ sonar
murder city devils @ sonar.

i haven’t seen this band – one of my favorite bands – since… 2000? 2001? I saw them on tour on in name and blood in new orleans. they played with zeke who was (i think) a stoner-y rock band that incorporated clog dancing into their set. even though the dudes in mcd tried unsuccessfully to pick up my then-girlfriend in front of me, they were still awesome. i don’t know how much longer this reunion tour lasts, but go see them if you get a chance.

benny stixx @ no rule
benny stixx @ no rule.
i shot benny recently for his label, bmore original, and wanted to go see him spin. it was a good time, AND he has a new record coming out really soon. get it from bmore original.

unruly records & bmore original + no rule fam
unruly + bmore original + no rule fam.
while benny was spinning, DJ Excel from bmore original brought it to my attention just how many baltimore club & hip-hop artists were in the room… so we origanized a quick group shot. from L to R: booman, chris brooks, scottie b, dj excel, rogue, cullen stalin, jimmy jones, derek from unruly, emmy, kw griff

on that same tip, here is a shot from a week earlier of scottie b and dan deacon, two of baltimore’s most influential artists:
scottie b & dan deacon @ no rule.

vincent black shadow

vincent black shadow - adam.       vincent black shadow - dirck.
vincent black shadow - dan.       vincent black shadow - rufus.

i shot these for Vincent Black Shadow’s upcoming album Baltamont, which is now cancelled since they broke up. look them up if you haven’t hard them, they were a really good noisy punk/rock band.