Ice Age in SPIN Magazine.

Ice Age - Nov 2011 SPIN

My photo of Ice Age at the Golden West in Baltimore, in the November issue of SPIN (the Das Racist cover). On newsstands now. Pretty stoked to have a photo from a punk show at my friend’s restaurant in there… and to be featured in such a great magazine for music photography!

July Tearsheets + Low Budget Photo Show.

[miniflickr user_id=”50009481@N00” tags=”jul2011tears” per_page=”12″]

Tearsheets for the first half of July. You can see a selection of my favorites on my Tearsheets page, here. Click any of the above to see some of my Tearsheets from the last week or two. Animal Collective/Black Dice show coverage, the Big Music Issue of the City Paper cover, a few shots of mine that were used on an IFC show, and more…

Also, there was a City Paper Low Budget Photo Show downtown, where various City Paper photogs sold work. Here is a picture of my stuff on the wall:

City Paper Low Budget Photo Show