Sade & John Legend, A Night In Treme.

Sade @ Verizon Center
Sade @ Verizon Center   John Legend @ Verizon Center

Two shows I shot recently for the Washington Post. Sade was interesting… totally packed, yet very chill, a very grown-up crowd (obviously). Beautiful voice and very professional, yet you got the impression that she didn’t really like being on stage, which makes sense considering her famous reticence at being in the spotlight.

A Night In Treme, which closed out the DC Jazz Fest, on the other hand was an unabashed party. Total abandon and fun from all the musicians (and famous actors, and Louisiana Congressmen) on stage. They even did a second line, right through the crowd!

Wash Post Sade tearsheet
wash post treme c2 tear sheet crop

Robert Glasper’s RCDC Experiment, Chateau Marmont

Robert Glasper's RCDC Experiment
Robert Glasper's RCDC Experiment

Caught Robert Glasper’s RCDC Experiment at the Bohemian Caverns the other day on assignment. Fun place to see music, go here if you haven’t… This group is made out of a bunch of accomplished players more well know for working on other artist’s albums, all jamming together. Fusion jazz/hip-hop type stuff. Not my normal bag, but they sounded good and were obviously having a great time.

Chateau Marmont @ Velvet Lounge
Chateau Marmont @ Velvet Lounge

I also was assigned to shoot Chateau Marmont, a Parisian band playing as some sort of French Culture Festival in DC… at the Velvet Lounge of all places. Remember when that place was the dive-y-est spot on all of U Street? Weird to rub elbows with a bunch of internationals at this show.

Herb Alpert @ the Birchmere.

Herb Alpert and Lani Hall.

This was a fun show. I was probably the youngest person in the room by several decades, besides the Birchmere staff. Herb was in a great mood, and great form. Him and his wife performed a variety of original duets, spanish ballads, and traditional classics. Totally not a show I would normally go to, but fun!

BB King @ the Birchmere

BB King @ the Birchmere
BB King @ the Birchmere

This was amazing. Never thought I’d get a chance to see BB King, so I jumped at the chance to shoot this on New Year’s Day. The man is 84 and can still play amazingly, and is extremely cantankerous and charismatic, constantly poking fun at his band – even threatening to pull a knife on one of his players at one point! If you get a chance to see him, it’s worth the money.

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October Assignment Round-Up.

Joey & Rory

Joey & Rory @ the Carlysle Club : Read the Washington Post review.

Joshua Redman @ Blues Alley

Joshua Redman at Blues Alley. Read the Washington Post review.

raul malo @ birchmere.
shannon witworth @ birchmere.

Raul Malo & Shannon Whitworth at the Birchmere. Read the Washington Post review.

La Excelensia @ Artisphere.

La Excelensia at Artisphere. Read the Washington Post review here.

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