Howard Yardfest w/ Wale, Doug E Fresh, Trina Da Baddest Bitch…

Lola Monroe @ Howard YardFest
Howard YardFest    Chopper @ Howard YardFest
Wale @ Howard YardFest
Doug E Fresh @ Howard YardFest    Howard YardFest
Mr Vegas @ Howard YardFest

This was a lot of fun. Wale, Doug E Fresh, Trina, Choppa, Mr Vegas, the beautiful Lola Monroe, Black Cobain, and about a million more artists performed. I had to file twice from the event, which was a wild experience fraught with bad wifi connections and dying laptop batteries, but I did it. At one point a mini stampede of people literally jumped over me, on girl kicking my laptop (where I was filing photos), but I made it through and on deadline! I won’t be able to review the show better than Chris Richards, so check out the two stories from the Washington Post:

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