Sinden Soundsystem @ Sonar, Baltimore.

rye rye.     ears, sinden sound system.
mz bratt & ears, sinden sound system.     scottie b.

Last week I checked out Sinden (from London, creator of that “Hit me on my Beeper Beeper Beeper Beeper” song) at Sonar. I was expecting a DJ set but he amped it up – there were THREE MCs, all British, along with him, and special appearances from Rye Rye (they did “Hardcore Girls”) and Blaqstarr. It was a pretty great time. Dave Nada and Scottie B also performed, a pretty full night.

THEN, after the show I realized that the Homosexuals, who I had seen play at SXSW earlier this year had played next door, and I had missed them. :( But Bruno, the singer, ran into me and either remembered me from talking to him at that show, or mistook me for someone else and we chatted and he even gave me a rare record:

bruno from the homosexuals & emily rabbit.

A good night! Check here for the whole Sinden set.