DC Fotoweek 2011 / BYT Young At Heart photo show.


Last week I was in a photo show that was a part of DC Fotoweek 2011, BYT’s Young at Heart 2. It was a great time, including slideshows and Q&A with 6 amazing professional photographers (Joshua Cogan, Victoria F. Gaitán, Douglas Sonders, Scott Suchman, Nicole Wolf, and Marcus Yam) – you can see some examples of their work here.

The show also featured slideshows of various BYT photographers, including myself. CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of my work that was on display. And here is the original youtube of my slideshow I made to remember what was in the show, it’s of worse quality, but you get the music that was being DJed so you can “feel the vibe”!