Trayvon Martin rally at Baltimore City Hall.

Baltimore Trayvon Martin rally.

Photos from the peaceful Trayvon Martin rally at the steps of Baltimore City Hall. This event took the city by surprise, but they treated everyone well, at least from what I heard. This happened right as the national outcry over the handling of the case was peaking.

I liveblogged some of these photos previously, but here are the real deal photos.

Trayvon Martin Protest at Baltimore City Hall (liveblog).

"This is bigger than profiling." - sign at the #trayvonmartin protest at #baltimore city hall.   Occupying the flagpole at #baltimore city hall. #trayvon protest
On the steps at #trayvon protest at #baltimore city hall   #trayvon protest at #baltimore city hall
#baltimore city hall at the #trayvon protest   Skittles at the #trayvon protest in #baltimore

Today I attended the Trayvon Martin rally at the Baltimore City Hall. It was packed full of people, include on the steps, which surprised me. The overall feel was positive, with everyone I interacted with being friendly. There were a few people with sort of wingnuts signs there, and a surprising amount of t-shirt vendors, but in general it felt like a very honest, positive event. I’m glad I went.

See some photos above and some more photos here.

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