Exhibits from the Museum of the Moving Image, NYC.

Museum of the Moving Image.

I went and checked out the JODI exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC, and found out they have a pretty awesome permanent collection as well! (Pictured above is a life casting of the make-up for an aged Dustin Hoffman for Little Big Man). JODI are an artist’s collective that has been experimenting with making art out of new media, the web, and video games for… well since forever, basically. I really recommend checking out the show. See more of my photos from the show, and the permanent collection, here.

Maryland Film Fest 2012 – my picks.

May is one of the most CULTURAL months of the year in Baltimore, with both Maryland Death Fest AND Maryland Film Fest… this year I will be attending both. I always end up missing alot, so this year I decided to make a little cheat sheet for myself with the films and events I wanna attend at the Film Fest. I figured I’d share it with the Internet, why not. Post a comment if you think I missed something!

ALSO: Once the Film Fest starts, check out my Liveblog & my Twitter. I’ll be posting pictures & commentary from the fest!

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