Crazy Monkey Clothing Company catalog shots.

Crazy Monkey Clothing Company

I shot a few catalog/promo shots for my friend Joey B’s clothing line, Crazy Monkey Clothing Company. We did these real quick in my studio, he just needed basic shots to throw up on his web store, but I think they came out okay. I’ll link the web store here once they launch it.

See the whole Crazy Monkey Clothing Company set here.

CULT photoshoot.

CULT       CULT       CULT

A week or two ago, I did a photoshoot at my friend JP’s boutique in Baltimore, CULT. It was really fun, we just goofed off for an hour or so, and though it was chaotic, I think I got some good shots. Check out the full set of CULT photos. I will be posting more from this photoshoot tonight or tomorrow, too, so check back.

Also visit the store, it’s on Charles between Madison and Read, in Mount Vernon.