Mad Decent Tour (Diplo, Blaqstarr, Rye Rye, Boy 8 Bit, more) @ Sonar, Baltimore

mad decent tour @ sonar.
blaqstarr.     diplo.
melanie.     rye rye.

Thursday? Friday? Wednesday? … they all sort of start to blend together, but anyway, SOME DAY LAST WEEK, I went to Sonar to see the MAD DECENT TOUR, featuring Diplo, Boy 8 Bit, Blaqstarr, Rye Rye, and several acts I unfortnately missed. It was fun, they had a pretty creative “booth” setup for Diplo, some great dancing and some pretty awesome pizza and hot dog mascots. We did a group photo to recreate the tour poster, and all in all I had a pretty good time for someone that was basically a sleep zombie… click here for the full Mad Decent Tour set.