Indie Sleaze Party Photos

Hi! Photos from the Indie Sleaze party on 10/20/2023 @ the Ottobar will be posted here! Probably not for a couple of days.

Sunday Night Update! Working through these, look for more photos Monday! I might break it into a couple posts, since there’s alot of photos! If you post these on IG, please tag @joshsisk and @theottobar

Photos Part 1:

Photos Part 2:

Next batch up! Probably 1 more coming tomorrow! If you post any of these on IG please tag @joshsisk and @theottobar :D

Photos Part 3 (Last Update!)

Here are the last of the photo booth photos from the first Indie Sleaze party, above! Thanks so much for being involved in this fun night, and this fun new photo booth spin for me. Instead of doing a booth with normal portrait strobes, I have been wanting to try to take dance/stage lights and light a photo booth that way. It was a fun experiment and I learned quite a bit for next time! (Thanks to one Daniel Deacon for lending me his stage lighting for this experiment.)

And here are some photos of the festivities as well, of course:

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