HARD Tour f/ Rusko, Crystal Castles.

rusko @ hard tour
rusko crowd @ hard tour    cullen stalin, sinden, rye rye, dave nada, matt nordstrom (nadastrom)
crystal castles @ hard tour    crystal castles @ hard tour

Last week, after seeing Will Oldham play, I decided to go to the complete OPPOSITE side of the spectrum and dropped in at HARD Tour at Sonar to check out Crystal Castles, Rusko, and Sinden. I got there just in time to see (well, mostly hear) Rye Rye closing out the set with Sinden, which sounded great… After some hanging out with old bros, I shot Rusko, who is always fun and then did my best to shoot Crystal Castles… they had the photographer’s pit blocked off for their set because the crowd was CRAZY. Who knew that Crystal Castles’ fans were so wild? I remember them being a band that only appealed to a few in the know people but I guess they have blown up to major proportions since the last time I checked. Anyway, I got a few shots of them from the sidestage/a distance and in general marvelled at the crowdsurfing ways of the youth. Fun night.

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