Whartscape 2008!

Whartscape : Dan Deacon

Whartscape : Blue Leader    Whartscape : Ed Schrader

Whartscape : Ultimate Reality    Whartscape : the Oxes

Whartscape : Future Islands

Whartscape.    Whartscape.

Last weekend was Whartscape in Baltimore. It’s a music and arts festival held by the collective arts group WHAM CITY every year in Baltimore… it kicked off an insane weekend that also included Artscape, the Unruly Records 15th year anniversary, and some other events too. For me, the Whartscape highlights were Future Islands, which I can only describe as an avant dance band with Meatloaf as singer, Celebration, Dan Deacon, an illegal lecture by Mark Hosler from Negativland, and the Oxes reunion. Click here for the whole set.

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