best of Taxlo.

A little over year ago my then-acquaintance and now-friend Jim Lucio asked me if I could fill in for him, taking club pictures at Sonar for the weekly Taxlo party. Jim is possibly better known as Defekto, one of the best photographers in Baltimore, so I was flattered. I filled in for him that night, and several more and eventually Jim and I started taking turns photographing, which recently ended it’s residency at Sonar (and it’s weekly status). I learned alot from doing it, my skills at event photography and concert photography were constantly challenged, my eye was refined by the quick, chaotic nature of the party, and of course I made a lot of great friends and saw a lot of awesome music.

I also had my first publication in a photography magazine, this image in JPEG:

chris? @ taxlo

Anyway, our mutual friend Kara Mae suggested that we each post our favorite images from our time a Taxlo, and Jim thought it was a good idea too, so here goes (click below to see them). I chose these off the cuff, so if there is one that is a favorite of yours that I excluded… respond and let me know!

gonzo @ taxlo



diplo @ taxlo

diplo & switch @ taxlo

no pictures, please.

end of the night.

girl smoking at taxlo


taxlo 1.7.2007



dave nada @ taxlo


See more of my Taxlo shots here.

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9 thoughts on “best of Taxlo.

  1. Dana did come to a TaxLo party… don’t know if that was the one.

    The pictures are great, Josh – i’m so glad you started taking pictures for us. Best accident of fate EVER

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