what a day.

TaxLo 12.22.2006

Server issues (on launch day, of course) kept me busy most of the day, so I didn’t process that many of last friday’s taxlo photos. Here are a few.

Annoyingly, they also kept me from spending much time with my grandmother, OR going to shoot guns with my dad. Hopefully I can do both tomorrow- it’s my last day here.

I also want to try and take nice portraits of my parents and my grandmother. Yesterday I discovered that my mom is sensitive enough to the pre-flash of my SB600 flash that she always blinks if I use it in auto-exposure mode. I can’t discern the preflash from the main flash, be she obviously can since she blinks every time if I have it on. This might explain why Neena always blinks, too…

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2 thoughts on “what a day.

  1. heh, heh… yeah, i don’t think i’ve unblinkingly posed for a photo for your camera even once! oh, but there are those pics from a November Sonar Taxlo, with a friend of mine, that i have yet to see. guess you’ll have to take one of me in the light of day.
    sounds like you had a nice time at home! happy new year, Sisker! -n

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