diplo @ the talking head last monday

diplo @ talking head 12.18.2006

Last monday I shot Diplo at the Talking Head. It was the last Taxidermy Lodge (TaxLo) night at the Talking Head – also probably the last time I’ll ever go there. While I never went to Taxlo there much, I went to TONS of shows there over the years, both in it’s current incarnation, and when it was the original location of the Ottobar. It will be sad to see the place go.

It was a fun night overall – packed, with a lot of people who never seemed to come downstairs, too. Carla managed to make it out, and Joe, and even Abby, Kara, Peter, and Abi! All my friends managed to get in even though there was alot of drama about it selling out. The door guy eventually had it with people asking Cullen or Simon to get them in, so he just yelled at everyone to beat it.

Eventually, it thinned out a bit – Diplo kept it going til after 3AM, after which all the people that didn’t have to get up at 8AM for work (that means, not me) went to some fancy afterparty. Who says there isn’t anything to do in Baltimore on a monday?

Here are the rest of the pictures.

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