Aloe Blacc @ RNR Hotel

Aloe Blacc @ RNR Hotel
Aloe Blacc @ RNR Hotel    Aloe Blacc @ RNR Hotel

I went into this show knowing literally NOTHING about Aloe Blacc. I left a fan… really good performer, really catchy fun songs done in a motown style. I normally am not a big fan of ‘retro’ musical styles, but there was something about this show that just worked for me. A really good time.

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Fucked Up @ Rock n Roll Hotel

Fucked Up @ RNR Hotel.
Fucked Up @ RNR Hotel.

I had never seen Fucked Up before, but this was a good show… the singer Damian is, of course, well-known for his antics and he didn’t disappoint this night, jumping in the crowd, wrestling people, pouring hot wax on himself… but the most interesting thing about it was he did all that while managing to retain a personal-feeling connection with the crowd… it didn’t really feel like a STUNT, it just felt like he was goofing off, and we could, too. Fun time, go see them if you haven’t.

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Best Coast @ Rock n Roll Hotel.

Best Coast @ RNR Hotel.

I like a few of Best Coast songs, but don’t know much about them… I think this was a pretty common sentiment among the crowd, which was sold out, but alot of people seemed unfamiliar with them, and just going on the strength of a few really catchy songs. They sounded pretty good, but I think I’d rather see this band outside where i could lay on some grass. Aslo some of the people at this show were realllllly drunk and annoying. Not the band or the venues fault, of course…

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