Paris Catacombs.

catacombs of paris.
catacombs of paris.   catacombs of paris.   catacombs of paris.
Last month, I was in Paris for a shoot and I managed to go to the Catacombs and take a few pictures. It was a pretty difficult shooting situation, they don’t allow flash OR tripods, so it was all handheld, high ISO stuff. I had a great time, though, and recommend that anyone visiting Paris should go. Also, I have heard there are parts of the Catacombs that aren’t officially open to the public, but are accessible… if anyone knows how to get into them, let me know!

The entire Catacombs of Paris set.

Big Ears Experimental Music Festival 2009, Knoxville.

michael gira @ big ears.   fennesz (with sparklehorse) @ big ears.
big ears.   matmos @ big ears.
matmos @ big ears.   DJ Dog Dick / Baltimore Round Robin @ big ears.

This weekend I went to the big ears music fest in knoxville. I saw so many artists, but the highlights were: philip glass, michael gira (swans, angels of light), christian fennesz (performing with a variety of collaborators), negativland (performing It’s All In Your Head FM), dan deacon and the baltimore round robin (ed schrader, cex, smart growth, adventure, dj dog dick, height)… It was a really great festival, small, low key, with the emphasis on the music and the artists and not a million sponsorships. Seriously, it was a great event and I really hope the organizers can keep it up with this level of quality in the future! Don’t miss out next year!

Oh yeah, and here is the full Big Ears set!

NYC trip: CMJ, My Crew Be Unruly @ Love, hanging with friends…

scottie b & blaqstarr.     ponytail
evan.     claire huxtable.
dave nada.

A few weekends ago (right around the same time my laptop died, thus the long delay), I made it up to NYC for CMJ, and to hang out with friends. Even though I had a badge (thanks, Citypaper), I didn’t make it to many sanctioned events… the highlights for me were the Unruly Records/Senari bash at Love, Ponytail’s performance at the Fader Fort, and of course just hanging out with friends. Click here for the fun NYC set.