jamie lidell @ 9:30 club, DC

jamie liddell @ 9:30 Club, DC

Last night, I shot Jamie Liddell at 9:30. He started out strong, the first few Prince-and-MJ-influenced songs were great fun, but after awhile the show just sort of petered out for me… I had never really listened to his music before, though… now I am going to probably check out some of his tracks.

See the whole set here.

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  1. Hey man! You joined my gang at the foot of the stage and we talked a bit. Should have stayed with us up close! As the show went on it got more electric and we danced our butts off. “Wait for Me” and “Multiply” were the highlights. My buddy got to sing during the encore and even got to shake Jamie’s hand in the middle of the song. Glad you did join us for the first 2 or 3 songs and thanks for posting the photos!

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