dan deacon, video hippos @ lo-fi social club.

dan deacon. video hippos.

last night i saw dan deacon and video hippos and a rapper named, i think, “height” do a battle set. it was really hard to take pictures since all three artists were set up at the same time, in an approximation of a triangle. i did take some pictures though.

i love the video hippos (and i realized recently that i used to hang out with one of them when i first moved to DC, but he looks totally different now!), and dan is always fun live, but i didn’t really like the format… each artist played one song, then the next would respond, and so on. it was okay but it was hard to really GET INTO THE GROOVE because they would stop, wait for the next artist to play, and then it was sort of disjointed just based on the different sounds. ah well, it’s cool to have a different sort of set up for a show, anyway.

the lo-fi social club was packed, i guess it is turning into a legit club, good for neal and peter… i know it has been a lot of hard work. Between that and the Talking Head and the Metro Gallery and 2640, Baltimore has a LOT of venues for interesting shows… here’s hoping there keeps being enough interesting bands and tours to keep all those places viable.

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  1. Weird format for a show. I like the idea, but it does sound iffy in practice. It probably was “Height” — he’s that Bmore rapper that’s worked with Cex a few times.

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