Barn Aid (Birdland, Wye Oak, the Pilgrim) @ Golden West.

birdland @ barn aid
wye oak @ barn aid   wye oak @ barn aid
pilgrim @ barn aid   barn aid

Barn Aid was a one time benefit show at the Golden West for Springfield Farm in Sparks, Maryland, which needs money to pay some legal bills. It was a GREAT night and featured a reunion show for Birdland (which is the band which ultimately became Celebration), Wye Oak, and the Pilgrim.

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the Oxes + Nerve City.

the oxes @ windup.
the oxes @ windup.    the oxes @ windup.

Last week I saw the Oxes play a reunion show at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore. It’s a cool spot that my friend Russell owns, it has a very different interior design than most bars/clubs, in that it is super clean and fairly well lit, but I like it. The Oxes were awesome… I never really saw them when they were a going concern, but I have seen them a few times at reunions over the years and they are always awesome.

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in other news…

nerve city @ golden west
Nerve City, at the Golden West. Shot this for Dana’s Unregistered Nurse Booking.